Built for Business Developers, Architects, Project Managers and Software/Test Engineers.

Assets Exploration

The IT Application Portfolio of any enterprise represents a significant historical investment and provides an essential foundation for current and future business activities. This investment requires continual analysis, classification and optimization in order to maintain alignment to business needs, manage costs, improve services and deliver appropriate value.
BluInsights provides a complete ecosystem of analysis, exploration, visualization and reporting tools designed for tens modern and legacy source code.
Within few minutes, BluInsights enables developers, analysts, and executives to achieve a deep understanding of the application portfolio providing business and technical insights.

Legacy Modernization Projects

BluInsights is built by and for modernization experts to address the difficulties and impediments of legacy modernization projects. Blu Age (the company behind BluInsights) has more than 15 years experience in the legacy modernization landscape with more than 80 projects cumulating more than 250 Million lines of code (COBOL, RPG, Powerbuilder, Delphi, etc.) migrated to modern technologies.
Managing Legacy modernization projects is a time consuming and expertise intensive activity.
BluInsights customers connect to BluInsights, create new projects, upload source code to a secured environment and start leveraging a proven methodology to explore the code, create workpackages, assign programs, etc.  

Dependencies Analysis

Large applications made of thousands or millions of lines of code are huge, complex and very difficult to maintain or evolve without the risk to have serious impacts. The analysis of programs dependencies helps to better know the system in order to identify risks and manage the impact of change so that you can accomplish change with less effort.
BluInsights offers dependencies analysis for multiple languages including PowerBuilder, CA Ideal. (See the complete list) and allows to import a JSON file to visualize the dependencies of any non-supported yet programming languages.

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