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Source code exploration

$99 / month
  • Total number of files, of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines
  • Number of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines per file
  • Number of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines per type
  • Number of files, of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines per folder (if any)
  • Dynamic charts of all the consolidated metrics
  • Downloadable and shareable tables (Excel export)
  • Preview source code files without download
  • Filter by source code file name
  • Sort files by name, number of lines of code, number of comments, number of empty lines, number of files, etc.
  • Download all or a selection of the source code files
  • Organize source code into workpackages (Group of files which have a technically or functionally meaning)
  • Dependencies analysis (displayed as tables and graphs) between programs for multiple programming languages (see the complete list)
  • Upload of third-party dependencies analysis from JSON files
  • Cyclomatic Complexity calculation (displayed as tables and graphs) for multiple programming languages (see the complete list)
  • Extraction of source code file from PowerBuilder PBL files
  • Programming languages automatic detection for files without extensions (see the complete list)
  • Single and bulk types edition of detected programming languages

Team Management

$99 / month
  • Build your team (send email to invite team members and join your project)
  • Assign source code files and test scenarios to team members
  • Appoint workpackage leader
  • Get consolidated metrics for each team member (number of assigned files, total number of source code files, of comment lines, of empty lines…).
  • Share the whole vision with your team members and customers

Project Management

$99 / month
  • Define your project workflow with status (custom labels with informative colors)
  • Define and add labels to each file or workpackages
  • Measure the progress of your project
  • Get an overview of the progress
  • Define test scenarios
  • Attach workpackage or files validation to one or many test scenarios
  • Track and measure test scenarios validation
  • Upload video, datasets or any kind of file related to your test scenarios
  • Blu Age annotations consolidation to track progress
  • Connect your favorite tools and BluInsights to help all your teams work better together.
  • Get a global view of your project and the interaction between all the artifacts (source code files, test scenarios, workpackages, team members, etc.)
  • Customize the columns you want to see for each table (among 15 columns)
  • Track all changes and see who changed what and when.
  • Receive notification emails for changes related to your scope (assignations).

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