An All-in-one solution packed with powerful features.

Assets – Upload and Learn

Discover the metrics of your large and complex source code portfolios at a glance. BluInsights is built to automatically process billions of lines of source code from tens of programming languages and generate detailed reports containing:

  • The list of programming languages used
  • The number of lines of code per file extension, per file, etc.
  • The number of comment lines and blank lines.
  • The percentages of each file types, categories of line codes, etc.

The results are presented in different formats using interactive tables and charts for a better visualization. Multiple options allow the user to customize the content by filtering, sorting, grouping, etc. Results can also be exported to personalized Excel files.

Management – Share and Collaborate

Boost productivity with an overview that gives all team members what they need. It’s all about knowing who’s working on what and when. BluInsights substantially facilitates collaborative work with visual and fully transparent communication:

  • Invite team members, assign them to relevant tasks (source code files, workpackages or tests) is very easy.
  • Receive automatic email notifications for any changes related to your assignments.
  • Stay on top of everything. Check what’s coming up across multiple projects with one simple overview.
  • Keep all your files, comments, progress and achievements in one place and say goodbye to uselessly complicated sheets.

BluInsights offers a high degree of flexibility by allowing users to define their own progress workflow by creating custom status and workpackages. The dashboard offers a visual way to keep track on project and tasks without effort.

Test Cases – Define and Track

Testing in source-code driven projects is one of the most time-consuming tasks if not correctly executed. The large amount of test data and videos for like-for-like behaviors that had to be defined and tracked is huge and the exercise may rapidly turn to a nightmare. Blu Insights tackles this issue by providing a simple and intuitive test management features to:

  • Define test scenarios, assign them to testers, etc.
  • Attach workpackage and source code files validation to one or many test scenarios.
  • Track and measure test scenarios validation.
  • Upload video, datasets or any kind of file related to your test scenarios.
  • Define and customize test status.

There is an array of test tools on the market for every aspect of the software testing process. BluInsights is not a new one. In fact, leverage your favorite tools (using your favorite Continuous Integration tool) to automate test cases and let Blu insights report and track success and fails among all your test cases, test results and test progress while keeping a tight link to the related source code files and/or workpackages.

Blu Age Features – Dive and Uncover

Source code exploration and progress tracking need in most cases advanced features like dependencies analysis, deep programming languages detection, extraction of details from libraries, etc. This is exactly the purpose of Blu Age Features which leverages Blu Age products to offer:

  • Automatic dependencies analysis between programs for multiple programming languages.
  • Upload of custom dependencies analysis following a user-friendly JSON format.
  • Blu Age annotations consolidation to track progress on modernization projects.
  • Detection of programming languages for files without or with generic extensions.

Blu Age Features enrich your original inputs (source code) with more insights useful for all your project steps from exploration, budgeting, decomposition to kickoff and progress tracking. Everything your team needs to uncover insights and make the right choices.

All BluInsights Features

Source code exploration

$99 / month
  • Total number of files, of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines
  • Number of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines per file
  • Number of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines per type
  • Number of files, of lines of code, of comment lines and of blank (empty) lines per folder (if any)
  • Dynamic charts of all the consolidated metrics
  • Downloadable and shareable tables (Excel export)
  • Preview source code files without download
  • Filter by source code file name
  • Sort files by name, number of lines of code, number of comments, number of empty lines, number of files, etc.
  • Download all or a selection of the source code files
  • Organize source code into workpackages (Group of files which have a technically or functionally meaning)
  • Dependencies analysis (displayed as tables and graphs) between programs for multiple programming languages (see the complete list)
  • Upload of third-party dependencies analysis from JSON files
  • Extraction of source code file from PowerBuilder PBL files
  • Programming languages automatic detection for files without extensions (see the complete list)
  • Single and bulk types edition of detected programming languages

Team Management

$99 / month
  • Build your team (send email to invite team members and join your project)
  • Assign source code files and test scenarios to team members
  • Appoint workpackage leader
  • Get consolidated metrics for each team member (number of assigned files, total number of source code files, of comment lines, of empty lines…).
  • Share the whole vision with your team members and customers

Project Management

$99 / month
  • Define your project workflow with status (custom labels with informative colors)
  • Define and add labels to each file or workpackages
  • Measure the progress of your project
  • Get an overview of the progress
  • Define test scenarios
  • Attach workpackage or files validation to one or many test scenarios
  • Track and measure test scenarios validation
  • Upload video, datasets or any kind of file related to your test scenarios
  • Blu Age annotations consolidation to track progress
  • Connect your favorite tools and BluInsights to help all your teams work better together.
  • Get a global view of your project and the interaction between all the artifacts (source code files, test scenarios, workpackages, team members, etc.)
  • Customize the columns you want to see for each table (among 15 columns)
  • Track all changes and see who changed what and when.
  • Receive notification emails for changes related to your scope (assignations).

Ready to dive into your millions of lines of code?