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BluInsights allows the extraction and consolidation of Blu Age Classic annotations metrics.

Launch the extraction

In order to launch the extraction, you simply need to select the GIT repository on which you host your Blu Age Classic project, select this latter and its related Knowledge Base.

The last extraction date and time are displayed on the top right of the page.

Depending on the number of files and number of lines of code, the extraction may take a few minutes or a few hours. You will receive an email when the results are available.


After your first extraction, a daily consolidation will be performed automatically.

View results

When the extraction is done, the results are displayed both in a table and in dynamic charts. The table gives you the main information for each file. It can be filtered by file name, total lines or percentage of annotated lines. In the top of the page, you can see the number of files and code lines in your Blu Age Classic project.

The charts show both of the simple and overlapped annotations (for more details, please refer to your Blu Age documentation available in the partners portal).

Download results

You can export the table content (subset or all) in an excel file. You can also customize the columns to be exported.

It is also possible to download detailed results for each file.