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Analyzer Checker


This feature is available for mainframe languages (Cobol, PL/I, RPG...).

In the case of a legacy modernization project, this feature helps you start preparing/checking the compliance of the Blu Age Velocity transformation engine within your project assets in order to build and fine-tune your modernization strategy. To do so, all your source code will be explored and parsed using Blu Age Analyzer.


In order to start the analysis, you simply need to go on the Analyzer Checker page and click on the Launch button. The analysis duration depends on the number of files to be analyzed and their related programming languages.

You will be notified by email when the results are available. In the meantime you can use all the other BluInsights features.


When the analysis is done, the results are shown as a table summarizing the main detected specificities of your project that need to be fine tuned.

The files shown in the results can be edited through the Selection Properties in order to assign them, add labels, specify a workpackage, etc.

Dependencies result

Blu Age Analyzer generates a detailed dependencies analysis that will be leveraged by the Velocity transformation engine in order to perform the modernization. The result of this analysis can be downloaded and imported in the Blu Insights Dependencies page.

Metadata file (upload/dowload)

Blu Age Analyzer uses a metadata.ini file in order to perform certain actions. You can either download this file or upload a new one that will be used in the next analysis.

Jira export

By selecting errors, you can export those errors to a Jira compliant format. The content of the error is copied in your clipboard thus you can paste it directly in the desciption field of a Jira ticket.