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The Timeline page shows the progress of your project based on filled end dates for files and Test Scenarios. All you need to do is to define the planned schedule for your workpackages by specifying their respective start and end dates.

The Timeline is built as follows (for each workpackage):

  • Files and Test Scenarios with an 'end date' anterior to the planned workpackage end date are set as On-Time. Otherwise they are set as Delayed.
  • Files and Test Scenarios without an 'end date' are set as Scheduled.

Detailed information

You will be able to have more information about each workpackage of the Timeline by clicking on it.

You will find the number and percentage of files and Test Scenarios as well as the complete list of the related files and Test Scenarios that can be edited using the Selection Properties.

Set up

Click on Edit workpackage to set the planned start and end dates for each workpackage. These dates are NOT the actual start and end dates that can be changed in the Workpackage View.


All the workpackages without planned start and end dates will be ignored.

Save your Timeline to share it with all your team members.