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Test Scenarios

You can define test scenarios for your project, update them and track both of their status and results.

A test scenario has different information:

  • ID: Automatically generated by BluInsights.
  • Name: The name of your test scenario.
  • Description : The description of your test scenario.
  • Assigned to: Team member in charge of the test scenario (the list of members is automatically filled by invited and registered members).
  • Status: The status of the Test Scenario.
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Wokpackages: The workpackage(s) linked to the test scenarios.
  • Labels : The labels linked to the test scenarios
  • Result: The result (failure/not run/success) of the Test Scenario.
  • Comments: Team members can add a comment (with a specific type) linked to the Test Scenarios.
  • Media Files: Documents, videos, images... linked to the Test Scenario.

All these details can be edited using the Selection Properties dialogbox that automatically appears when one or many scenarios are selected.