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Project Settings


In order to organize your source code files, you can create nested workpackages using this settings page.


Your project workflow can be made of different status. Each status has custom title and color for a better visualization. You can also link one or multiple status to start and end dates in order to reduce the needed interactions in order to update a file, a workpackage or a test scenario information.


You can add more files to your project (if needed) by simply importing a new archive (zip file). In order to copy the new files in a specified folder, your archive should contain the desired folders hierarchy. If a file with the same name has been found, it will be overwritten but it will keep all its related data (assignee, start date, status...).


Labels are like tags which allow you to add more information on your files. For example, you can identify that all the files respecting a given pattern are "Screens", so you want to create a Screen label in order to be able to differentiate them.