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All your project artifacts are displayed as a graph to let you see all the main information at a glance. Source code files, workpackages and test scenarios are displayed as customizable nodes with different colors and shapes. Their relationships (a file is in a workpackage, a test scenario is related to one or many workpackages, etc.) are the edges of the graph.

The graph is automatically and instantly updated if any team members updates a node properties inside the graph or in any other page of BluInsights.

Each group of nodes is a workpackage (the root parent is in the center of the group) and the nested workpackages and their related files are around. Similarly Test Scenarios are directly linked to workpackages.

Main Features

  • All the features proposed by the Selection Properties are available in the graph.
  • The graph can be displayed in two modes "Types" and "Status" (click on the settings icon on the right).
  • A subgraph can be selected by double clicking on the root node (workpackage) or by CTRL+click action.
  • The zoom is possible thanks to the mouse wheel.
  • The nodes position and their visibility can be saved.
  • Links between workpackages can be either containements links (subworpackages of a workpackages), shared files or shared test scenarios (a link is created if two workpackages share a same file or a same test scenario).
  • The size of the workpackages nodes can depend on their number of lines or number of files.


The dependencies between programs are not available in this view. You may see it in the Dependencies page (if supported).