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BluInsights offers a feature dedicated for Blu Age partners looking for a quick estimate for their modernization project based on our solutions.

Create an estimate

The creation of an estimates requires different type of information that can be categorized in different parts:

  • General information: Project name, customer, region, etc.
  • Legacy application: legacy technologies, total lines of code, data base, number of screens/batches/transactions, etc.
  • Target technologies: Architecture, database, deployment infrastructure, etc.
  • Test cases: number of tests per component types


It is possible to clone an existing Estimate if a comparaison of different options is needed.

Details of an estimate

The estimate is made of different sections including a summary of the inserted information, a gantt project with the different phases (including their durations, costs, included features, warranty, used products/tools).

Summary results

The estimate contains a summary results part, whose purpose is to show the estimate's calcul details for each step you will found in the gantt project.