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BluInsights offers a feature dedicated for Blu Age partners looking for a quick estimate for their modernization project based on our solutions.

Create an estimate

The creation of an estimates requires different type of information that can be categorized in different parts:

  • General information: Project name, customer, region, etc.
  • Legacy application: legacy technologies, total lines of code, data base, number of screens/batches/transactions, etc.
  • Target technologies: Architecture, database, deployment infrastructure, etc.
  • Test cases: number of tests per component types


It is possible to clone an existing Estimate if a comparaison of different options is needed.

Details of an estimate

The estimate is made of different sections including a summary of the inserted information, a gantt project with the different phases (including their durations, costs, included features, warranty, used products/tools).

Summary results

The estimate contains a summary results part, whose purpose is to show the estimate's calcul details for each step you will found in the gantt project.

Share an estimate

BluInsights is a collaborative platform where you can invite other person (team members, customer, management...) to see estimate. The invitation is made in the MEMBERS page where you can add a team member by email. BluInsights will automatically send them an email to notify them and ask them to create an account (if they are not already registered) or to directly join the estimate.