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Source Code Preview

The source code preview is done thanks to Monaco Editor. This preview can be opened thanks to the link in the 'Path' column of the file. This column can be found in all the tables that lists files such as 'Assets>Files' (in the table, homonyms and tree views) and in all tables that contains the 'Path' column.

In the dependencies graph if you select a node which represents a file you can open the source code preview by clicking on the 'SOURCE CODE' button that appears at the bottom of the page. Note that if you select one file node among several non-file nodes this button will not appears to avoid ambiguity.

The Preview

The preview dialog opens Monaco Editor to show the source code. As it is only a preview it's not possible to edit the file. You can download the file thanks to the 'DOWNLOAD' button at the bottom of the dialog. To close the preview dialog you can use the 'CLOSE' button, click outside of the dialog or hit the 'ESCAPE' key.


Some classic editor shortcuts are available in this preview

CTRL+A To select all the code of your file.

CTRL+F To search for an expression in your file.

CTRL+G To directly go to a line number.

ESC To close the preview dialog.