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Source Code Comparison

The source code comparison is done thanks to the Monaco Diff Editor and is similar to Source Code Preview except that it compares two selected files. This feature is available in all tables where you can select files.

The comparison is also available in graphs when two files nodes are selected.

The Comparison

The comparison dialog opens the Monaco Diff Editor to show the differences between the two source codes. As it is only a preview it's not possible to edit those files. The first file selected will always be the reference file, at the left part of the editor. If you deselect the first file and select a new one for the comparison, this new file will be treated as the modified file and will be displayed at the right part of the editor. To close the comparison dialog you can use the 'CLOSE' button, click outside of the dialog or hit the 'ESCAPE' key.


Some classic editor shortcuts are available in this preview

CTRL+A To select all the code of your file.

CTRL+F To search for an expression in your file.

CTRL+G To directly go to a line number.

ESC To close the preview dialog.