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Selection Properties

The selection properties dialogbox is the main menu to edit the properties of files, workpackages and test scenarios. This menu can be launched thanks to the 'EDIT PROPERTIES' button that appears when one or many files/workpackages or test scenarios are selected.

The content of the Selection Properties dialogbox changes according to the selection type (Files, Workpackages, Test Scenarios) and number.

Selected Files

The Selection Properties for Files offers 5 main sections (Description, Assignment, Workpackages, Labels and Comments).


You can add, edit or remove the description of a file. A preview is shown in the table by hovering the description icon.


In this section, you can edit the following properties:

  • Team Member: To assign the selection to a given team member who has been invited to the project.
  • Status: To set a customized status to the selection. The list of available status is defined in the settings of your project.
  • Start Date: To specify the start working date of the selection.
  • End Date: To specify the end date of the selection.


A workpackage is a set of files that have a technical or functional common points and thus should be processes together (A file can be in multiple workpackages but it has the same properties: assignee, status, etc.).

The dropdown menu displays all the available workpackages. If needed, you can can create a new workpackage using the add button (a workpackage is defined by a name and a short description).

The list of workpackages can be edited in the Settings of the project.


A label is like a tag which allow you to add more information on your files. For example, you can identify that all the files respecting a given pattern are "Screens", so you want to create a Screen label in order to be able to differentiate them.

The dropdown menu displays all the available labels. If needed, you can create a new label using the add button (a label is defined by a name).

The list of labels can be edited in the Settings of the project.


You can insert (edit and remove) comments for a file, a workpackage or a test scenario. You can also specify a type for your comments (among Info, Warning and Alert). The whole team can delete a comment, but only its creator can edit it. The types and numbers of your comments will be shown in the comment column available in all BluInsight's tables (A preview is shown by hovering the comment icons).

Selected Workpackages

For selected workpackages, you can edit assignment, status and define one or many test scenarios to the the workpackage. Similarly to the files, you can add a description and insert attach comments.

One or multiple Test Scenarios can be linked to a Workpackage. It is also possible to create a new one if needed using the + button.

Selected Test Scenarios

For Test Scenarios, you can edit assignment, status, start date, end date and link one or many workpackages to the the test scenarios. Similarly to the files and workpackages, you can add a description and insert attach comments.


Description and comments are not available for all multiple selections.