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SAVF Extraction


This BluInsights feature is activated only if IBM iSeries (AS/400) SAVF format is detected.

Detect SAVF Files

SAVF Files are detected by BluInsights in Statistics when the source code is uploaded and are marked by a question mark (see the screenshot).

Clicking on the question mark next to File Type displays a pop-up allowing access to the SAVF Extraction page.

Extraction Page

Once in SAVF Extraction Page, you can launch the extraction by clicking LAUNCH EXTRACTION button:

The extraction can take a few minutes depending on the files number and size. An email will be sent to you at the end of the operation.

Extraction Result

Once the extraction is performed, the result is shown in a table. You can switch between two display modes :



Update project

If you update the project, the extracted files will be automatically added to your source code baseline and all the project metrics will be updated accordingly.

Download files

The extracted files can be downloaded, and the table can be exported in Excel format.


If you have added new SAVF files, you can restart the extraction process.