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This BluInsights feature is activated only if relevant for your project (i.e. files without extensions or with a .TXT extensions have been detected).

The Statistics dashboard classifies source code files based on their extensions. Files without extensions are grouped in an Unknown category. The classification feature proposes to detect their types (if relevant) based on the content of each file. BluInsights is able to recognize multiple languages including Cobol and JCL (see the complete list).

To launch the classification, you may simply click on the question mark icon in the "Statistics per file type" table and follow the steps.

The classification can be automatically performed by BluInsights. Nevertheless, you can import your own classification. You can choose between the two options clicking on the top right menu.

Launch classification

This option launches a classification and may take few minutes if multiple files are processed. You will be notified by email when the results are available and the page will be automatically updates. Similarly, all the statistics will be updated with the detected types.

Import classification

This option allows you to import your own json classification file following a simplified format.

You can re-launch the classification if needed and the results will be updated accordingly.


The classification results are displayed in table (list of files), tree (as imported) or types (grouped by types) mode and can be exported using the Export to Excel feature.

The classification feature is extensible and new programming languages are continuously added. Although we already support dozens of programming languages, some files may not be classified and remain with an "Unknown" type. In that case, you can manually edit their type. Note that files with poor content (not sufficient number of lines or not text-based) are also classified as "Unknown".

The results can also be downloaded as a json file. This can be useful to add extra information and re-import the results again to update the project.