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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do during my Free Trial?

During the Free Trial period (7 days), you have access to a ready-for-use demo project and you can create a second project limited to one hundred (100) files for a total of up to one thousand (1000) lines of code. In addition, you can invite one (1) user to your project.

How can I subscribe to BluInsights (upgrade my account)?

You can start your Free Trial and/or upgrade (and manage) your account in your Account.

Is BluInsights available in other languages?

BluInsights is only available in English. However we have made sure that all fields you may wish to complete can handle pretty much any language.

Is my data backed up in case of an emergency?

Data is backed up nearly real-time and written to multiple disks instantly physically separated from the primary servers to ensure fault tolerance. We can perform full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency.

How do I update my name, email or login?

Update your Profile in a snap! Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of BluInsights and in order to edit your information, select Profile in Menu.

Project Management

How can I view just my assignments?

Keep track of your responsibilities by viewing your assignments in one place using the quick access link "My Stuff" on the Home page. You can also filter the content of any page by selecting only your assignements.

How can I invite team members to my project?

In the Members page, you can build your team by inviting them individually by email.

Can I add files to existing projects?

Yes. This can be done through the settings.

Can I add extra information (more insights) to the uploaded files?

Yes. This can be done through customized labels in the settings.

Assets Analysis

Can I preview my files directly in BluInsights?

It is possible to preview almost all file types (not MS Office files, e.g. .xlsx, docx...) by clicking on their path in the tables or by clicking on the "eye" icon in Media Library.

How can I find duplicated files?

Homonym files can be found in the files page.

Does BluInsights handle embedded ZIP files?

No. All your source code should be put in one archive. Embedded ZIP files will not be recursively extracted.


What are the supported languages?

The complete list of the supported languages is available here.

Is it possible to change the classification result?

Yes. This can be done by simply selecting the file(s) and editing the detected type.

Dependencies Analysis

What are the supported languages?

The complete list of the supported languages is available here.

Do I need to add extensions to my files ?

No. If you upload files without extensions (which is frequent in Mainframe, iSeries and OpenVMS projects), you can leverage the classification to identify the underlying programming languages. The dependencies will also rely on this feature.

How can I find the dependencies of one or multiple programs?

This can be done in the dependencies graph either by double clicking on the program (this will select all its dependencies) or by exporting the program to a subgraph and incrementally discovering its neighbors (parents/children). For multiple programs, you can use this feature .

Complexity Analysis

What are the supported languages?

The complete list of the supported languages is available here.