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This workspace provides you an IDE-like to explore your project and browse your files. The layout is flexible to let you adjust the environment in order to give you a greater view of your project.

Explorer View

The explorer view displays all the files and folders of your current project. Even if you can modify these files, your changes will not be saved since the files are read-only. Also, the editor supplies the syntax highlighting of the languages supported by BluInsights and many more.

Search in Workspace

It is also possible to search an expression in the files with the search option. You can choose to search a whole word or an expression by matching case or not. You can even use a regular expression to do the research.

Explorer Context Menu

If you right-click on a file name in the context menu of the explorer, two options are proposed :

  • Download, to download the file.
  • Select for Compare, to select the first file to compare. Then right-click on a second file and select Compare with Selected to display a comparison of the two files.

File Tab Menu

When you right-click on the tab of a file, you have access to different options, such as Close All or Toggle Maximized.

Keyboard Shortcut

The workspace has several keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to speed up its use and access particular features. You can find below the main shortcuts :

  • Ctrl+c : Copy
  • Ctrl+h : Find a word or an expression
  • Ctrl+p : Find a folder from its name
  • Ctrl+g : Find a line from its number
  • Ctrl+o : Search for symbol
  • Ctrl+l : Select a line
  • Ctrl+Shift+i : Open Outline
  • Ctrl+Shift+f : Open Search
  • Ctrl+shift+) : Fold
  • Alt+m / Ctrl+Maj+e : Toggle maximized
  • Alt+x : Multiply the cursor
  • Shift+Alt+right : Extend selection
  • Alt+w : Close tab
  • Shift+Alt+w : Close all tabs
  • Ctrl+Alt+d : Switch to next tab
  • Shift+Alt+c : Collapse all side panels