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You can explore at a glance the main insights extracted from the uploaded source code. This information are programming languages agnostic, i.e. mainly relies on files extensions in order to compute metrics.

This page is made of 4 main sections:

Statistics per file type

This section is a table that summarizes the main details about your source code depending on the detected languages.

Each row of the table represents a detected language (based on files extensions) except the "All" row which displays the total of each column for all the uploaded files.

The table columns show the following details:

  • File type is based on file extensions.
  • Effective lines is the total lines of code excluding comments and empty lines.
  • Comment lines is the number of comment lines detected according to the comment pattern of the detected programming language.
  • Empty lines is the number of blank lines.
  • Total lines is the total number of lines found in the files (including empty and comment lines).
  • Number of files is the total number of files with the same extension.


Files with no extensions are grouped in a special row named "unknown". BluInsights can detect the programming languages of such files using the Blu Age Classification Feature.

General lines statistics

This pie chart displays the percentages (and the numbers on an hover) for each type of lines (empty, comments and effective code).

Files per type

Based on all the uploaded source code, this pie chart displays the percentages of files per detected type.

Files per total lines

This pie chart displays the percentages of total lines for each detected type.


The charts are interactive, i.e. it is possible to choose the elements to be displayed by clicking on them.