Assess, plan and monitor your source code-driven projects more effectively

Everything your teams and customers need to pave the way to success.
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Fast and easy onboarding, free trial, no setup, no credit card required.
Accelerate source-code exploration
 Automatically discover your source code within few minutes.
Quickly estimate projects budget
Get metrics on your source code to rapidly estimate the project budget.
Optimize lead qualification costs
Substantially reduce the required experts and time for sales opportunities qualification.
Boost sales KPIs for source-code driven-projects
Process billions of lines of code from tens of languages with no need of scarce expertise.
Track work progress without hassle
Invite team members, assign tasks, define status and share results, progress and updates.
Automatically extend your knowledgebase
No upfront delay or training to make benefits of tens of supported programming languages.

Noticeable Features

Language Agnostic Code Analysis
Automatically identify programming languages and extract metrics (lines of code, comment lines, etc.).
Better collaborative team work
 Track progress, and resource allocation with the Dashboard view. Share files, ideas and comments.
Intuitive Test Follow-up
Define test scenarios for your project and keep an eye on their status with a single glance.

BluInsights lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.

It’s easy to get your stakeholders (teams, customers and partners) either they are onshore, offshore, remote or mix of all of this up and running with BluInsights. All of the most important tools and inputs needed for your project success in one handy resource leveraging a 15+ years’ experience in source code driven-projects.

Keep your customers happy with a transparent, clear and trackable goal setting process.

Focus on your execution and your customer satisfaction, the complexity of your project management is made easy.

Dive into the details by sharing comments, attachments, dates, and more directly to BluInsights.

Supported Programming Languages

BluInsights is hyperpolyglot! It supports an array of languages and never stop learning new ones at the speed of the light.

Assets Classification Dependencies Cyclomatic Complexity
CA Ideal

BluInsights works out of the box with your favorite tools

Eliminate context switching and ensures every member of your team is always on the same page. Connect your favorite tools and BluInsights to help all your teams work better together.

Quickly connect to your management tool and access your tickets
Extend your CI and CD pipelines with BluInsights
Synchronize automatically your test scenarios with Jenkins jobs
Track your issues and link them to your workflow.

Assess, plan and monitor your source code-driven projects more effectively.